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 At "Hypnotism with Attitude!" we have dedicated ourselves to help High Schools, organizations and charities raise much needed funds.  With recent cutbacks to the educational system and the poor economy, people are donating less.  For the price of a movie ticket, a family can have a night of wholesome entertainment and laughter, while giving back to the community.  How much money is really raised selling candy bars and having car washes?  One well organized Comedy Hypnosis Show can raise thousands in one night, and help bring the community together.
Christopher Hrebenak is a Master of Demonstrational Hypnosis and has been performing stage hypnosis since nineteen ninety-three. He has been recognized for his skills by the National Guild of Hypnotists as well as other established hypnosis organizations. His shows are lighthearted, entertaining and sure to be a big hit with the entire family.
"For those who believe in hypnosis, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, no explanation is possible"
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