Hypno Info
Myth #1 People are "asleep" when under hypnosis.
Not true! When someone is in a trance, of whatever kind, they are awake and aware of what's going on.
Myth #2 People forget everything that happens while hypnotized.
Again, this is not true. Because a person in a trance is really "awake" and aware of what's going on, they remember everything. Now, they may not be able to immediately retrieve a memory, but it's still there.
Myth #3 People in a trance lose control and are at the mercy of the hypnotist.
Not true! People will always reject anything that is contrary to their moral code or values.
Myth #4 People are at risk of revealing your darkest secrets.
Again- not true! In a trance, the person remains in control and nothing is revealed unless they want to.
Myth #5 Only gullible or stupid people can be hypnotized.
Absolutely not true. In fact, the smarter someone is, the more likely you'll be able to hypnotize them.
Myth #6 People can get stuck in a trance and may never be able to regain consciousness.
Again, not true. Even in direct hypnosis, the "worst" thing that might happen is that a person will drift off into normal sleep and wake up some time later.
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