Are you Hypnotizable?


1.   Are you able to follow simple instructions?

2.   Have you ever daydreamed?

3.   Do you have a strong belief system?

4.   Have you ever been traveling in a car and not remember any of the exits you passed along the way?

5.   Does your mouth water at the thought of sucking on, or biting into a plump, juicy, sour lemon?

6.   Do you have a vivid imagination?

7.   Did you ever lose track of time while engrossed in something enjoyable?

8.   Are you able to meditate or pray?

9. Have you ever been so caught up in reading a good book that you couldnít put it down?

10. When listening to a favorite song, does it bring back fond memories from your life?

11. Have you ever cried or been frightened while watching a movie?

12. Do you think of the beach or summer time when you smell suntan lotion?

13. Do you Sleepwalk or Sleep talk?


If you overwhelmingly answered YES to the questions posted aboveÖ


You are definitely HYPNOTIZABLE!

Hypno Quiz
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